Your engagement session is fast approaching but you feel like you have nothing to wear. You know you need to look your best but whenever you go shopping with your engagement shoot in mind you feel as though you are overwhelmed with so many choices.

Below I have written some helpful steps about What to wear to your engagement session.

We get this question all the time and to be honest I forget how stressful picking out clothes for a shoot can be. You just keep thinking “These photos are forever! I want to look great in them.” Keep in mind that the best thing you can do is just be you, the tips below are just suggestions that we have found that they are helpful to brides and grooms.


1. Two outfits  Most of our couples have two different outfits picked out when they arrive for the shoot. One of the outfits is usually more dressy than the other, the other being more relaxed and casual. Having two sets of outfits for the session also gives the couple a chance to have more variety in the photos.

2. Try NOT to match but try to COORDINATE. Should we match? We have had this question so much and the answer may not be what you think.  If you have a plain white t-shirt for your future hubby to wear to the engagement session for his ‘Casual outfit” PLEASE do not wear a white T shirt also. What happens when you and your fiance both wear the same color or pattern in photos is you usually tend to blend into each other when we have you lean against each other. The best thing you can do is go for Opposing colors or Complimentary colors (sorry for whipping my art degree out on you 😉 Here I have inserted a color wheel so you can see which colors go well with each other. Basically if you are wearing a yellow dress, try to put your fiance in a blue- purple family color shirt or pant- because they are the opposite sides of the color wheel. (It doesn’t have to be directly across from that color and obviously like many “rules” this one can be tested and broken depending on the situation. Don’t be afraid to get together before the session and play dress up to see what looks good together and don’t be afraid to experiment. When we got engaged the top half of one of Michael’s outfits for our engagement came straight off of a manikin. If all else fails go window shopping and get some inspiration from the manikins in your favorite stores.

3. Plaid If you or your fianc’e will be wearing plaid, try to go for a bigger print of plaid as it shows up better in photos. Small plaid sometimes comes out looking a little distorted. My rule of thumb is the squares must be bigger than 2 inches wide.

4. Dating yourself in your photos Try not to go for trendy things that are a passing phase. This has never happened to us but I think it would be absolutely tragic if someone wore a “Yolo” shirt or an internet meme sweater or a another logo that is a fad. These are the photos that your kids and grand kids will be looking at. You want to at least try not to date yourselves to the photos so they can be classic looking for years to come.


5. Bright colors If you have your heart set on wearing a piece with a bright color try and make sure there is a neutral color in the mix as well. This really helps your outfits not clash and they will flow very well together.

6. Fanciness level Make sure you and your fiance’s clothes are on the same level of ‘fanciness’ or ‘casualness’ as yours. If you are wearing a sundress and pearls, get him to whip out a tie or bowtie with that button up- You do not want his flip flops in formal photos. This is the one time that you can ask for him to dress nice and get away with it. 😉 He loves you and you know he will do it if you ask.

7.Patterns and Textures  Patterns and textures are good! They are our friend and we love them! Same goes for accessories! The more the merrier! We love hats, jewelry, scarfs, watches, everything accessories please! It makes your look so much more interesting and fun!


8. Clean that ring girl! We recommend that you get your ring cleaned before the engagement and the wedding because we use a special lens on the ring shots to make sure we don’t miss any of the brilliant detail that it has to offer. Yes, we can see smudges or dirt on the ring and while dirt and grime or a stray fuzz can sometimes be removed with photoshop it never hurts to go get it cleaned.


9. Pamper yourself Go pamper yourself and get a manicure! Why not? YES we will be getting your nails in the photos we take.  My favorite part of an engagment session is it’s an excuse to have a little self-care before you get beautiful photos of yourself. Try not to worry and stress out. Do something nice for yourself before the engagement session. Everyone loves a good manicure. You deserve it!

While we are at it you are already dressed nice! after the engagement session take this opportunity to go out on the town, go out to eat or go get drinks after the session. This is a celebration! You have checked one more thing off the long to do list for the Wedding.

10. Props! Some people want props others don’t. I love props especially if they are meaningful to the bride and groom. We have seen a little bit of everything and we just love how creative people get with them. The sky is the limit. This can be everything from an accessory to finish off your outfit, to your furry friend for a full family photo.

11. Using the location as a prop. We love locations as potential props too like a coffee shop, picnic blanket with a little romantic set up for the view or even a farmers market! We love when couples use the location as a prop, the possibilities are endless. We adore couples who include an location/activity that they find special together.

12. Have fun! The MOST important step is that you have fun! Photos where you and your person are laughing and having fun and just as important as the romantic photos! Lets have fun! This is your engagement session! You should be having fun and dreaming about your future together! If your style is cozy by the campfire, dress in comfy attire, sitting in front of a fire and roasting marshmallows for S’mores in your engagement photos, we want to capture you and your fiance’ in your element.  If you want a city skyline and flowing dress at sunset we want that too! Just be yourself and don’t be nervous! We can’t wait!