So here goes,

My first “personal” post on Love Behind the Lens.

I am hoping to post blog post, life updates for Michael and I, and little fun tips and tricks for your wedding day every now and then so stay tuned!!  I am new to this and so the first few post might be a little random.


So first off I want to say if you know me really well you might know that I suffer with anxiety. In the past it has ruined entire days and even weeks for me as I am consumed by the stress it brings me. I decided a few months ago to start practicing a little self care here and there and it has worked wonders in my life.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent stress from creeping up in your life and making it a bit easier on yourself

  • The first thing you have to tell yourself is YES you do have time to do something for yourself. You have been working all day, you run from errand to errand, the kids are acting crazy or maybe there are just not enough hours in the day.

    Ask yourself these questions: Are you getting up early? How many times a day do you check your social media account? Are you wasting time and energy on silly things that don’t matter in the long run? Are the things you are currently doing today really so important that they need to be done today?

    If you really look at your entire day, you will find a handful of minutes that you can escape and claim them just for yourself. Below are a few ways that I try to practice self care.

  • Wake up early- quit hitting that alarm! I know that this is hard but if you make effort to go to bed slightly earlier than you usually do and get up (even if it is just 30 mins early) you will find time to work in a planner, read a book, do a bible devotional, or just do something for yourself. If you do this your entire day will go

    better. (it is always a great idea to sit and make a list for the things you need to do today, or feed your mind with some information of your choice)

  • Drink water. drinking water just makes you feel better all around and can help with digestion, weightloss, it helps fight sleeping disorders, depression and minimize headaches- basically it’s the best thing ever. If you hate drinking water try some lemon or other fruits with it.


  • If you work at a desk, buy a plant or some fresh flowers for it, open a window and enjoy the birds outside and the fresh air, light a candle for a few hours as you work. I know this sounds simple and even silly but I really feel better about being trapped in a room with a desk if I bring something from the outside in or it smells and looks pleasant. ESPECIALLY if you are a visual person.

  • Go for a walk or if you are especially adventurous join a gym or classes (like cycling or yoga) Physical exercise is SO SO important for our minds and bodies. If you work at a desk job eventually you will start feeling burnt out on it- This is the time you take your dog (or yourself) for a walk. It can make you not only feel better but you will come back and work better most of the time.

     I know that this is a silly analogy but think about like you are on a crashing plane. If you don’t first put the oxygen mask on yourself (and help yourself) how are you going to the others around you? You must find time, even if it is for only a few moments a day to have for yourself.

     Anyways, that is all I have for you today! I hope this helps someone today reminding them to take care of themselves a little today.

-Courtney xoxo