We love Ashleigh and John so much and we are literally on the edge of our seats waiting for February to arrive. We absolutely can’t wait for their wedding day at Bridge Street Gallery and Loft.  We first met these guys months and months ago where we met them for some coffee and wedding chat- it was there that we fell hard for these two. They are so funny and so sweet and they are just perfect for each other.

Ashleigh and I were talking engagement session locations and she knew that she wanted a “rooftop” location but was unsure of another location until we finally settled on the faithful Railroad Park!

Ashleigh and John have two sweet puppies at home but one had some “other doggie social” problems so they didn’t feel right bringing one dog and leaving other at home. They decided to wear shirts with their dogs face on them! We. were. obsessed. What better way to represent your favorite fur children than to wear shirts with their faces on them?

At the end of the night we felt as though we had reconnect with some old friends and we had just come from a double date!  Like I said we are counting the days till February and can’t wait to see these two exchange vows at such a beautiful and trendy venue.


Courtney + Michael xoxo