Bailey and Skyeler came all the way from Huntsville to have engagement photos done with us! We were honored when they chose us to be their photographers for their wedding and we looked forward to their engagement ever since they contacted us.

We can’t get over how cute they are together and how beautiful Bailey’s dress was for the session! It was light and flowy and it perfectly matched downtown Birmingham vibes! We started at Morris where we hit up one of our favorite walls and chatted as we snapped some gorgeous photos of the couple. The more we learn about them the more we love them!

We know we go to the overpass a lot but JUST LOOK at these photos how can we not visit it every time we are at Morris Ave. It’s got railroad tracks, city skylines and on this day Perfect Light.

We then stopped by the John hand building and then headed to Vulcan.

Bailey knew she wanted some evergreens in her engagement session and after searching and searching we finally found Vulcan that has these big beautiful evergreens. They brought the cutest (Target, of course, it is the best!) coffee cups and some cozy blankets and we are obsessed with it.

Once the light started to fade we made our way up to the tower and were treated to a thousand twinkly lights of the city. I could have stayed up there forever.

We hope you enjoy these photos, we absolutely can’t wait for their big day in August.


Courtney + Michael xoxo