We had so much fun with these two! You know when you meet a couple and you just know that they are absolutely perfect for each other? Well that is Caroline and Thad! They are long time sweethearts who work at the same high school. Caroline is a Special Education teacher and Thad is the band director.  They both grew up in the same town (Cullman) and attended the same school. It wasn’t long before Thad caught Caroline’s eye and they began their sweet little friendship. They had Spanish, band and of course chemistry together 😉

Caroline has been following us on instagram for a while now and knew that she wanted us as her photographers. We were completely honored to hear this! As adorable as Cullman is they both knew they wanted some downtown photos with more of a urban background to them. We knew exactly where to take them! We hadn’t visited Pepper place in a while and it did not disappoint! I just love that little block, as fun as it is during the weekend early morning markets it is such a fun place for photos after the sun is low and pretty.

Caroline and Thad were complete pros in front of the lens. Normally it takes a few minutes for a couple to warm up to our awkward selves but about three photos in they were doing amazing! Thad knew exactly what to say to get Caroline to laugh and they were super good at cuddling on command! haha  It felt more like a double date than a session for us.

While we were walking around we found these gorgeous climbing roses (charlatan roses I think) and they were TOO PERFECT for the session we just had to stop and make them a part of the day. I just died when I was going through the photos to edit them. Caroline and Thad in front of the roses is all you need in life. They are so adorable!

To complete the downtown experience we knew we had to head to parking deck where we could get some shots of the city behind them. Ya’ll,  this awesome couple braved heights for a photo! My kind of people! They were not even scared and the last few photos just made the entire session that much more special.

They really are so sweet and so funny and fun to be around. These photos were truly genuine!

We simply can’t wait to work with these two again at their December wedding in Cullman at the Atrium! We have heard a few sneak peak details at the session and are way to excited to be a part of their big day. We know it will be perfect and reflect them in every detail. We hope you love the photos and feel some of the pure joy these two take around with them when they are together.


Courtney + Michael xoxox