Katie &  Brandon’s proposal story is seriously one of the best we have ever heard! We are always in awe over some of the truly amazing proposals we have heard from our brides and grooms and think “No one can top that!” with each new crazy and wonderful proposal ….. Well Brandon did!

Brandon and Katie were on their way to meet Brandon’s step brother and his wife for dinner in December. Katie got a text that their babysitter wasn’t on time and they would be a little late. Clever Brandon came up with a plan for them to walk the Tinsel Trail (Huntsville, AL)

“We have always gone there to walk around with just the two of us, before all of the holiday craziness starts so it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. We were about halfway through the trail when a photographer passed by asked if they could take some pictures for Huntsville’s event magazine. I said sure, so we took a few pictures and then Santa kind of appeared from nowhere. The photographer got Santa to take some pictures with us and then thanked us for agreeing to everything. Santa turned around and gave us a hug but, before he left he said that he had something for me, and pulled out a present from his big red bag.”

“My stomach dropped and I felt like I knew exactly what was going on once I saw the gift he was handing me! I was shaking and it took me forever to open the present but once I did it was a little ornament with Clara the ballerina from the Nutcracker.” Engraved on ornament was “First Christmas engaged” After Katie read the ornament she said “Yes” without hesitation and to her surprise both of their families came out of hiding

Growing up Katie was a ballerina and she loved dancing,  The Nutcracker was one of her favorite ballets to preform and she was in it for years. Something else to know about Katie she is crazy about Christmas, so much so that Brandon’s nickname for her is Buddy the elf.

We think it is too sweet that Brandon made sure to include all these details to make sure that his proposal to Katie was extra special and one they neither of them would ever forget! We have a feeling Brandon might be the Jovie to Katie’s Buddy, and Christmas will forever have a new and special place in both of their hearts.


We can’t wait to see them wed in June

Courtney + Michael xoxo