I know we say this a lot but WE HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THESE TWO. Seriously, Morgan and Forrest are so sweet and so lovely they pretty much just did their thing and we took photos. I gave them very little direction at all. They literally took half my job they are so good together haha! We met earlier this year where the couple told us all about their wedding in March and how Morgan’s heart is set on a more vintage-y style wedding cake just like her mother had and how much they loved Applewood Farms. (yay! we love it too!)

The first date we picked for the engagement session turned out rainy and left us all fighting hurricane remnants but we are SO happy that the new date we chose was absolutely perfect! The weather was cool and amazing and couldn’t have been better for for taking photos we hit all our favorite spots downtown including Railroad Park where we even got to see a bride walk down the aisle.

We are obsessed with these images and love the way these two are crazy about each other! We hope that you are equally as obsessed with these images too!

We can’t wait till March!