Oh how happy we are to finally bring you this amazing and joyful day! Guys, in short Jamie and Chris have been our DREAM CLIENTS. We are so honored that they chose us and the we got to capture their day. These two people and their sweet- newly combined families are why we do what we do. Where to even start? They chose the Sonnet House for their venue (Swoon) We could shoot here every single day and never once get tired! The staff at Sonnet House is always cheerful and fun to work with and always look forward to wedding days there! The day was perfect as we made our way around the drizzles of rain that surrounded us through the day- As you can see these two didn’t mind one bit. They were so sweet and the day was full of joy and celebration of Chris and Jamie. Gosh. did I mention how much we just love them? LOL

The Bridal Party was a blast to work with. They were sweet, helpful and hilarious to be around. We know exactly why Chris and Jamie chose them as their crew! Even the couple’s fur child was able to get in a few photos. She was such a good dog! We especially fell in love with the two flower girls and ring bearer.  They stole our hearts! They even did some dancing for us. (Flossing is what the kids call it I think) Through the whole day they were just good as gold and truly a highlight of this highlight filled day!

The couple had one of the SWEETEST first looks we have ever been a part of. As Jamie made her way to Chris with his back turned away from her, she took him into an embrace before she gave him the signal to turn around. As soon as Chris turned around he grabbed his girl and held her close to his heart with his head on her shoulder. It was the sweetest most pure moment of happiness we have seen in a long time. The photo of Chris shedding tears into Jamie’s shoulder as he held her is a perfect moment we will remember for the rest of our careers. We left them alone for a moment or two just so they could catch their breath.

We knew we shouldn’t be surprised but these couple photos blew us away! They were just so excited to be together on this day and to be getting married that they were naturals in front of the camera.

Once they entered the reception the party truly started! One of our favorite bands were there to keep people up on their feet! Matt Carroll and the Browncoats always bring the party! Even though the music was wonderful and people were dancing and having fun- we know that is not why they came! Everywhere we turned felt like family. We would over hear people bragging and admiring the couple from afar and at one point Jamie and Chris went outside to get a photo with a group of friends and nearly the entire room full of guest followed us outside. This is the first time I have ever seen this. All the guest were truly here for the couple and ready to be involved with the next thing that might happen. 🙂

To add to just how much their guest loved on them after these lovely exit photos were taken each side of the line had multiple groups come up and patiently wait for hugs from the couple. In short the most precious group of guest ever.

We can’t wait to follow these two on their latest journeys and see where life takes them and where they take each other.

We have a feeling this is just the beginning…

Courtney + Michael xoxo


The face you make when you realize your entire bridal party is watching you through the window!





Ceremony Venue/ The Sonnet House

Hair + Makeup/Laura Roberts

Rings/ Douglas Brothers and Zales

Invitations/ Ann’s Bridal Bargains

Wedding Dress/Diane’s

Bridesmaids Attire/ All different designs

Groom’s Attire/Men’s Warehouse

Cake/ Magnificent Cakes

Catering/ The Sonnet House

Floral Design/ The Sonnet House

Band/ Matt Carroll and the Browncoats

Photographers/ Love Behind the Lens Photography