We are so excited to share this sweet couple on the blog today! We have known Jane for quite sometime now and we are so excited to meet Tyler! The Etheredge took Michael in while he was in Birmingham getting his degrees at UAB. Michael had a hard time making friends when he first went into college and when he met a new friend Grant Etherendge, Grant quickly introduced him to the rest of his family and from that day on we refer to them as “Michaels Birmingham Family” Even though now we ourselves live here too!

My only real interaction with Jane before this was looking at her incredible talent for script writing. If you are a bride looking for someone to address your envelopes look no further!

We started this engagement at Avondale Park in a Sunday. We quickly got into shooting after a quick chat while walking the park. Something then happened that has never happened to us in seven years of doing weddings! About 18 photos in (and if you know me you know I’m an over shooter and that takes me like 10 mins) It started raining. Thankfully on a whim I had asked Michael to grab out umbrellas out of the car just in case, unfortunately this was normal rain this was a monsoon! in minutes it was over our ankles, we were so sad that it came on so quickly and with just 10% precipitation.

Thankfully these two didn’t decide to dump us after this crazy experience and we planned on that Thursday evening to return and finish their engagement session.

We love working with these two they fit each other so perfectly, they are both so sweet and both have very service oriented spirits.

They kept saying “We are not models, we are no good in front of the camera”  Well we are incline not to believe them! Just look at these photos!

We can’t get over how cute they are together! We loved that it felt more like a double date than work to hang out with these two!

August is coming up quick and we absolutely can’t wait to do this again as Jane and Tyler say I do at the Christ the King Angelican Chruch.


Courtney + Michael xoxo