Lauren and Chris continue to surprise us! They first contacted us months ago for wedding plans that landed us in Key West for a beach wedding with incredible views this June. WE CAN’T WAIT! We thought that was amazing enough on its own, only for them to invite us to Lauren’s home for their engagement session. Little did we know that Lauren’s house would be one of the more adventurous and gorgeous locations we have ever shot at!

Lauren’s house sits on acres and acres of fields and farm land where we wondered around (thanks to Chris’s truck and Lauren’s mom’s instructions) to our wanderlust content! looking at all the photos below I couldn’t tell you which spot on their land was my favorite because they are all so beautiful. We did however get treated to a sweet surprise waiting for us in our adventures. Lauren’s family has a total of 8 horses among many other farm animals but the horses specifically were incredible because they were so sweet (and huge and intimidating lol) but literally like giant puppies they came right up to us for loving, and you could tell that the horses were OBSESSED with these two. The horses were a bit shy of the camera “clicks” so we silenced our equipment for more intimate shots.

It was an experience we will never forget!

Lauren and Chris were so inviting and fun to work with that we looked forward to returning to Lauren’s house later that evening for her Bridal session (don’t worry, once June comes around I will share so many amazing shots of Lauren in her wedding gown with her horses…*SWOON*)

We enjoyed working with them and their family so much that we are counting down the hours until Key West!

We can’t wait to unite these two under some palm trees and hear them exchange vows of forever while meeting the rest of their sweet family.

Until that day enjoy these images from their engagement session!!


Courtney + Michael xoxox