As most of you know we had a baby right around the time that we worked this gorgeous wedding! She came early at 36 weeks and was a surprise to all, I actually edited this wedding and finished it while she was in the NICU. After she was born I kind of fell off the wagon of Blogging. I would get the wedding back to our brides and grooms as quick as I could but then wouldn’t blog about it. So Here I am 5 months in and my girl is MASTER of napping now, so I am going to blog the weddings I neglected to while we were learning to keep a human alive.

You guys THIS DAY was beautiful! I was not there as I was at home somewhere in a state between “I’m ready” and “panic mode” literally 13 days before Atalie’s arrival….. but I am happy to say that a very sweet friend of ours Kensi Duncan of Magnolia photo Bham, (Yep we are friends now no take backs) She and Michael completely killed this wedding day and came back with images that made me remember why I love editing.

The Church was perfect, this was the first time we have shot at South Highland Presbyterian Church but it did not disappoint. The Chapel when the light comes through those giant stainglass windows just take your breath away. I noticed as I was editing that Leigh and John are a pro at photos. They look like MODELS. I ended up keeping every shot because they are perfect. We especially love Leigh’s eyes when she looks at the camera and that Dress…… Stunning!

Everything in this wedding was so detailed and well thought out, everything from the color pallette and Makeup (Melissa Moore Bogardus) to the Reception Venue (The Club) and even the Band (Nationwide Coverage)

I hope these images make you smile as they have for us! Or check out our other Birmingham Weddings.  Thank you again for reading about another Love Behind the Lens wedding!

Courtney + Michael xoxo