We are so excited to bring you this wedding day. We were absolutely honored when we got an email from Michael’s old roomie Jeff and his beautiful Fiance’ Lisa. After our first consultation we fell head over heels for Lisa, We knew we loved Jeff (he is such a good guy) but we fell so hard for Lisa because she matched him perfectly! It is one of those situations where we met Lisa and right away we couldn’t imagine Jeff without her! It is a strange feeling and even harder to put into words- but just take our word for it! Lisa and Jeff fit together perfectly.

Going into this day we knew that it would be fun and super relaxed because that is who Jeff and Lisa are! They are easy going and a couple you just want to be around. However we had no idea just how relaxed this day would turn out to be. When we arrived we were greeted by Jeff and Lisa riding together. I am all about traditions but this made my heart so happy to see, what better way to start you wedding day morning than riding with him to the church. We loved it.

Despite riding together that morning they had a first look planned in their wedding attire and boy was it worth it! Jeffs reaction was so precious as he saw Lisa for the first time. Our hearts just melted.

We are obsessed with their couple photos that followed. We were so excited that we were able to have so much time with just the couple. Jeff and Lisa made sure we knew those photos were the most important to them.

Our favorite thing about this wedding day is that it got back to the basics of what a wedding day truly means! The emphasis was put on not only Jeff and Lisa but the love of family and friends surrounding them on their day. While we love a good “till midnight” reception there is nothing like the couple having their first dance and you turn around to see everyone in the room getting teary eyed. It is an incredible thing to be a part of.

We are so excited for these two and know that their future will be amazing together.  Enjoy just a few of our favorite moments from their wedding. Or check out our other Birmingham Weddings.  Thank you again for reading about another Love Behind the Lens wedding!


Courtney + Michael xoxox